Choosing The Right CRNA Program

When searching for a CRNA program, you want to make sure you are choosing the right one for you. A number of factors go into which CRNA program is the best, and different people fit best in different programs. Here are some tips for finding the right CRNA program.

Check the COA Website

The COA's website lists all of the CRNA programs that it has accredited. That is one of the most important parts of choosing a CRNA program. Make sure that the program you are looking at is an accredited one before applying. If it is not accredited, then it can immediately be ruled out since most employers only want to hire CRNAs coming from accredited CRNA programs. This list is also a helpful way to get started searching for a program since it has all of the accredited CRNA programs in one place.

Look at the Requirements

Although there are several basic requirements that all CRNA programs require of their applicants, there are some variations. Some programs may have requirements that are easier for you to fill than others, and that will make you more likely to apply for those programs. This is a good idea because you need to know what is expected of you before applying anyway.

Length of Program

CRNA programs vary in length; some can be 28 months and others last for four years. Some CRNA applicants want to get their certification and start working as quickly as possible while others may think the extra time studying will help them go farther in the long run and help them do their job well. It can be a huge factor in which CRNA program you decide to choose.

Classes and Clinical Experience Required

Another important aspect of the program to look for ahead of time is what is expected of the students in that particular program. Some CRNA programs start clinical experience right away, and some wait until after the first year. Whether or not a particular applicant wants to jump right into clinicals may affect the programs to which they choose to apply. The classes required may also vary amongst programs. It is often possible to get an idea of the classes required before applying, which may help you distinguish amongst programs.

Visiting the Campus

Visiting the campus and seeing the program first-hand is always a great idea if it is at all possible. Most programs will be happy to show prospective applicants around campus. This can give you a much better idea of how the program works. It may be possible to sit in on a class or two, and some programs may let you visit the hospital or hospitals where their students get clinical experience. If you are applying to a program far away from where you currently live, it will also give you an idea of the city or town you may be moving to at least temporarily.

There are many different factors that affect which CRNA program is right for you. The most important thing is doing plenty of research on each program before applying. Each program wants to have applicants, so they will often give out plenty of information about the program to attract students. Using this to your advantage is always a good idea so that you can be sure you are choosing the right program for you.